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 About Me and My Coaching


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Stephanie Harris, Life Coach and Social Service Advocate, Entrepreneur

Working in many different careers and various jobs as a Childcare Provider, Counselor, Home Health Aide, Tax Consultant, Bartender, Teacher's Aide, Sunday School Teacher, Marketing, Patent Consultant, and a writer, I've been through a lot and now...I know a lot.  Most importantly, I'm wise and wisdom is the true key to solving problems.  


Yes, we all seek knowledge and understanding, but without wisdom, you're more lost than ever.

Come...find wisdom with me and watch your life change for the better.


"OMG, Ms. Harris gave me more reasons to continue living.  I was devastated by a family member's death and it left me wanting to die. She was the only person, I had in my life, I thought truly loved me. Ms. Harris showed me that I was not alone in the world and I'm so thankful for her. "  Sherry

"If you want to speak to someone real, down to earth and understand your life situation, trust me, she will give you great advice, along with wisdom.  She's worth talking to for the rest of your life."

Catherine Marlo


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My answers to your questions come from success and failures, education, various jobs, environment, cultural awareness, life experiences, but most importantly, faith, belief, and trust in God.


For I do no work on my own strength, but through the power of God and his son Jesus Christ.  If I use my own strength, I will fail you.  For all power comes from God, even Satan's. Why do I need God and Jesus? I need them both, because I will be held accountable for what I say to you and what you do after I answer you, but if I ask God, he will answer me. Therefore, you will be given what you need through me from him. Not, necessarily, what you want, but what you need. 

I am not God, but act on behalf of his love for all mankind.  



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