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Relationship Consulting

 I can help you with your relationships be it, spouse, boy or girlfriend, associate, co-worker, boss, children, parents, or anyone else you are not getting along with.  I will help you find yourself, your goals, clarity, so you can balance your life, family and break barriers in improving your relationships. 


Your First Consultation is free! 

Contact me at: or 240-640-0428

  • Does your spouse come home and sees nothing done? 

  • Do you believe your spouse or loved one, doesn't love you anymore?

  • Do you say something to a family member and they pay you no attention, until they are in trouble? 

  • Are you sure you're ready for a divorce?

  • Are you and your spouse growing apart?


I have a slogan! 

"I hate this life, but I love Jesus...therefore, I live!"

(I don't hate this life for myself, but for the innocent people suffering in the world. I live life to the fullest, because of the love of Jesus!

  • Do you walk around the house all day doing nothing? It's time to get motivated.  

  • Do you write down your dreams and desires? Get your pen, paper, note pad or phone, and start writing them down today. Not! What are you waiting for? 

  • What are your dreams? Write them down.

  • What do you want to do 2 years from now? How about 5 years or 10? Post it on your wall!  Forget if anybody sees it!  They are only going to go home and do the same thing. lol 

  • Faith without works is no good.  So, move! Do something! Get off your butt and send out your resume 100 more times, think of an invention, start an online business, join a club, but do something!  

Holding Hands
  • Love yourself. Being comfortable with who you are means you'll be a happier partner.

  • Communicate. ...

  • Be honest. ...

  • Give each other some space. ...

  • Agree to disagree. ...

  • Forgive and ask for forgiveness. ...

  • Support each other. ...

  • Talk about sex…openly and honestly.

Heart Girl

It takes changing yourself sometimes, to show others that you are to be loved and respected.  This practice to define happiness and peace in relationships that not only are personal, but also specific, measurable, realistic, and positive. As you set your eyes on the prize, think about exactly how you will get there and by building yourself up, you will be an inspiration to other love ones too.

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