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 I can help you with maintaining leadership qualities with spouses and children, find food and shelter, help with financial aid for college, drug and alcohol abuse/medical or emotional psychological help.


 I am here to better the well being of individuals who come from unfortunate situations, environmental or biological. My job is to help you live a healthy stable life and give hope of a better future. If you need help with getting food, shelter or clothing, talk to me. If you come from abusive or neglectful homes or live in very poor and dangerous communities, contact me. Are you homeless or dealing with other physical or emotional issues and don't want anyone to know, contact me. I want to help you and your family develop skills, maintain housing and move towards independence. Let's talk! 


Your First Consultation is free! 

Email: or call 240-640-0428

Gay Couple with their Son

Family  Coaching

Leadership in Parenthood

Abusiveness, Drugs, alcohol, etc.

Food, Homelessness and Financial     Consulting

Talk to me. I'm outside of your box and won't pre-judge, but will give you my honest opinion and help you make some good decisions. I will understand your situation.  I've been homeless, with no food. I just thank God someone took my family and me in.  Let's talk and see what I can help you with?

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