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Am I loving the right person?

Updated: Jan 19, 2019


Are you in love? Are you lonely? Could it be a possibility that you are in a, love/hate relationship? Could you be in a relationship, but so distant from your partner, you're still lonely? Could you be in love, but your partner isn't? What about wanting to get out of a bad relationship? Do you think you're ready for another relationship after getting out of one? Is your partner jealous of your kids? Does your kids like partner?

Love questions make you pick the peddles on a flower.

How sure are you, that your partner loves you? Are you really really sure? Do your feet kiss at night? Do your lips kiss in the morning? Do you worry about each other and call at least one time a day?

I believe, for everyone that wants to be in a relationship, God has that perfect soulmate waiting. The problem is, sometimes we are not ready or worthy of a soulmate from God. We find our selves so eager to be loved or in love, that we pick a partner just not to be alone. Then, we find ourselves dealing with the devil of some sort. This (settle for) partner has an annoying problem, usually with one or more of the seven deadly sins:

  1. Lust

  2. Gluttony

  3. Greed

  4. Sloth

  5. Wrath

  6. Envy

  7. Pride

The worst of all is, Pride.

Looking at this list. What is your partner guilty of? To what degree? If you could pick from 1-10, with 10 being the worst, what would your partner score be? Any number above 5 is seriously telling you that you're in the wrong relationship. If your relationship is anything like this Youtube video, it's time for you both, to get it together or break up, but make a choice.

I believe the worst of all of these sins put together is, being in a relationship with a non-believer in God and Jesus Christ. When you are a believer, God teaches you to love and pray for your enemies and to treat other people, like you`would want to be treated. By using their method of love, a person will automatically consider the feelings of their partners. But, without God and Jesus, their feelings are limited to only what they have been taught by their parents, surroundings, cultural environment and experiences. If God is love and they don't have God, then they don't have real love. What they have is a natural instinct for any human being to survive, by following the laws of man. Basically, doing what would be logically, scientifically, socially, physical, mentally, and environmentally correct. They are robots, without fear of being destroyed or punished by a higher power, other than human authority. They owe no one... no spirit and especially no God, for their life on earth, except their parents that birth them.

If you are dating, living with or married to a non-believer of God, you are with a human robot. Robots will treat you right as long as you treat them right. Look at all the robots you use every day; TV, cars, washing machines, electric can openers, hair dryers, computers, cell phones and many more electronic devices. If you don't take care of them, they will stop working. Robotic human beings, are the same way. The only difference is, they don't stop working at all, they just stop working for you. They will continue to live, make money, pay bills, create businesses, obey the laws of the land, but they will never love you with the greatest love ever and that's God and Jesus' love.

So, beware of a partner that doesn't believe. There is a great chance that even with the deadly sins, you can help them overcome their sin, by strengthening, supporting and talking about the problem to resolve it. A non-believer can and will infiltrate your spirit into sinning.

“Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers … for what part has a believer with an unbeliever?” Corinthians 6:14

My point is, if your partner has any of the deadly sins, pray for them. If they not stuck on stupid, than your relationship might have a chance, but only if they want help. Get the hell away from a non-believer, unless they are willing to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, because your life is in danger of living a lie.

A robotic human, can't and will never truly love you, but a human that believes in God and Jesus can.

Kissing Feet

You will know that your relationship is working, when you can't keep your hands off of your partners and your feet playfully kiss while in bed. You'll know that your partner loves you when he/she calls before coming home, to ask you if you wanted anything; they cook and clean while you're out taking care of business or working late; When they ask, "How was your day?" You'll know he/she loves you when they don't pick a fight about every little thing, but talk about what's important; When they really care about what you want to do?

You'll know that your partner loves you even more, when he kisses the children, before spreads; When the clothes and dishes are done on the same day; When they tolerates your irritating friends; when they get the shopping list right; rub your feet when you're tired; when they work and give up their portion without complaining; listens to your babbling; drives you everywhere you want to go; doesn't agree with you on everything; corrects you when your dead wrong; helps you lose weigh; aides you when you're sick; doesn't lie to you; treats you like a queen or a king; doesn't come between you and your children; helps you reach your dreams; prays for you and with you;

But most importantly, love God and Jesus, more than they love you.

I can tell you this, I love God and Jesus, more than I love my partner, children, parents, friends or any other family member. No one...comes before God and Jesus in my life and nothing ever will. Not all the fine gold or silver in the world, could come before Christ in my life.

So, beware of putting anyone or anything before Christ. If your partner has God and Christ in his/her life, they will honor, respect, love and cherish you with all their heart, mind and soul.

This is because, they have the love of Christ in them...they have true love. They believe and have faith of God's promises if we serve him.

I have a wonderful, blessed man and yes he has a couple of the deadly sins, but so do I. We are both working daily to not just decrease, but to eliminate them. We are praying and talking about them. We share the same faith and belief in God and Jesus Christ. We work on our weaknesses and build each other up. We know we are soulmates and all of the things listed above that a partner should do, to prove their love, we do for each other everyday. We want to get married, but we don't have the money. We were both previously married in small house weddings. We both want a big wedding this time and will save up to get it. We want to show as many people and God, that true love exist between us without a doubt. It took me several relationships and 52 years to find my soulmate. Hopefully, it won't take you that long, but I believe my previous relationships, prepared me for the King I have regrets.

We wish you the same success with your relationship and we hope and pray that you find your soulmate. Your soulmate is out there, just wait on God. You'll know they are from God, because you'll never argue about anything and you'll talk about everything. An argument is a sign of distrust, but a debate is fully within reason. Don't get me wrong, in some relationships, all they do is argue and they stay together, but is this what you want? Remember this, the devil loves his children too. The more they argue, the more likely to say hurtful things, the more likely to sin and a greater chance of doing something unforgiving in partner's eyes.

Try to help your partner with their deadly sins, but don't take to long. Some people, don't want to be saved.

If you have a question about your love relationship, call or email me. Your first consultation is free: or 240-640-0428

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