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What Religion Is the truth And The Right One?

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Deciding on which religious sect to join, can be a difficult one. Should I be a Catholic, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu or study Judaism? Which religion, will get me the closet to the true living God?

Suppose you only had 24 hours to live and you didn't know Christ?

I've been in five different religions and if you want to know how I figured out which religion was the best and right one, order my book, "How to Meet God in 3 Hours."

In this book I fussed with God, complained and was simple pissed off. I demanded answers, because I had tried five different religions was more confused, before I started.

God heard my cry and smacked the living hell out of me. Read how it all went down and what I did next.

This book will answer a whole lot of questions about life on earth and your purpose. It will correct your mental vision, thoughts, ideas and lifestyle. It will feed you with wisdom from how to handle bad situations to raising kids. Check out this book and you will know exactly what God wants from you. You will also know and acknowledge how you should be communicating with him, everyone other human being and everything other thing or situation on earth.

You'll gain wisdom reading my serious, but funny comedy of how God and Satan communicate. This book is based on my personal opinion. It is also based on true facts from the Bible. You'll laugh and you'll cry, but most importantly, you'll learn... how the devil fucks with you!

"Oh my God!" I used a curse word. Well, when God get's angry, he destroys nations and kills everyone, even the children and animals. So, if God can get angry, I can say a curse word. Okay, no excuses, but when you get angry, you may not say a curse word with your mouth, but God still hears them in your mind. My purpose for using curse words, is to make sure you get my point. For those who are gasping for breath, let me roll the tape on your mind and count your curse word, only I'm not hiding mine in secret. I'm being honest with myself and God...are you?

What do you feel about people who talk about God or Jesus and say a curse word in the same breath?

I would like to know if your Preacher or Pastor has said a curse word on the pulpit? How did you feel? Do you think your Preachers or Pastors can take a drink before preaching? Should they be able to buy jets and limousines? I would like to know your answers.

Write me and I'll surely, tell you mine answer!

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